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Fall Classes (Session 5)
Don't leaf out Improv from this fall's schedule
Note: Summer classes are SOLD OUT

Intro and Intermediate Improvisation Classes

Change your life with some improv training. The place to begin is our Intro-to-Improv class which is our entry level class for both the short- and longform programs. The next class in the program would then be an intermediate short- or longform class followed by an advanced short- or longform class. The following classes are currently being offered:

  1. Intro-to-Improv- This class provides the basic skills necessary for short- or longform improv: you will learn exercises to build energy, establish focus,and get everyone in the group on the same page. There are six classes consisting of one day a week for six consecutive weeks. We are offering two sessions: beginning Wednesday, September 2nd or Saturday, September 12th.
    Instructors: Lora Hawley (Wednesday 7 to 10 p.m.) &
    Michelle Corbitt
    (Saturday noon to 3 p.m.)

    Class beginning: Wednesday, Sept. 2nd SOLD OUT

    Class beginning: Saturday, Sept. 12th SOLD OUT

    Prerequisites: None

    Next Session (Session 6):

    No Intro Classes
    There will be an Intermediate Shortform class

    Check back for online registration for 2016 Intro classes.

    More information on Intro-to-Improv

  2. Intermediate Shortform - The Intermediate Shortform class is for those students that have learned the basics of improv and are ready to put them into action. The goal of this course is to introduce the students to the nature of shortform improv, learn the structure of a show, why we do the things we do, and most importantly how to turn on the charm when on stage. You will learn improv "games" typically included in a ComedyWorx(TM) show. All this leads to an end-of-course performance in front of family and friends. We are offering two sessions: beginning Monday August 31st (7 to 10 p.m.). There are six classes consisting of one day a week for six consecutive weeks.
    Instructor: Ashley Myers (Mondays 7 to 10 p.m.) &

    Class beginning: Monday, August 31st SOLD OUT

    Prerequisites: Intro-to-Improv

    Next Session (Session 6):

    Intermediate Class (only one) will begin:
    October 26th Mondays

    Check back for online registration in a few weeks.

    More information on Intermediate Shortform

  3. Advanced Shortform- This class provides the advanced skills necessary for participating in shortform improv performances. You will learn games and specific elements of the ComedyWorx(TM). This class includes two opportunites to perform in shows at the Worx.This class is scheduled privately in collaboration with Intermediate Shortform graduates.
    More information on Advanced Shortform

  4. Longform - INTENSIVE(Fee: $200) - Our philosophy is simple -give you the concepts and tools and let you learn (with a coach) by performing. We believe the best way to learn is by doing and we provide the environment for you to do so. Our progam avoids the redundancy and dragging out the information over an extended period of time. This class is designed to prepare you directly for the advanced longform class (which is actual performances with a coach in front of a paid audience). In EIGHT (8)weeks we will teach you the basics, provide some practice, and all you need to know to get started with longform improvisation. The class will cover:
    Week 1: Agreement and Patterns
    Week 2: Group Mind and Teamwork
    Week 3: Characters and Emotion
    Week 4: Characters and Space/Object Work
    Week 5: Group Work
    Week 6: Forms and Show Structure
    Week 7: Picking a Form
    Week 8: Putting it all together
    Student teams will be formed for the advanced class from the graduates .
    Instructors: Philip Boyne &
    Ashley Myers (team instructors)
    (Sundays 6 to 9 p.m.)

    Class beginning: Sunday, July 12th SOLD OUT

    Prerequisites: Intro-to-Improv
    More information on Longform INTENSIVE

  5. Longform - ADVANCE (Fee: None) - This class consists of four performance opportunities in our regularly scheduled longform shows (e.g., The Yes Yard(TM) or The Mixer). The student teams from the intensive class with have four performance opportunities which will be scheduled over 4 consecutive months. Practice with a coach prior to the performances will be arranged by the Worx.
    Coach(es): TBD
    Class limited to Longform INTENSIVE Graduates Only
    More Information on Longform ADVANCED

Space is limited for these classes, so please sign up soon. You can contact us at: comedyworx@gmail.com for more information or simply Register Now.

Graduates of the WTC Longform Program

grad09 Graduates of the Worx Training Center longform improvisation program. Front Row: Dan Sipp, Jenny Spencer, Suzanne MacDonough & Cary LaMay.Back Row: Ronnie Ansley, Chris Spencer, Dawn Gum, Cassiana Gudgenov & Greg Vydra.

Musical Workshop

Musical350The Musical Improv workshop led by Greg Hohn of Transactors and area recording artist Mark Lewis was a phenomenal learning experience and good time for all. If you missed it drop us an email and we will keep you posted the next time we schedule it.

Improvising Story Attendees


Improvising Story with Director & actor Jay O'Berski. As promised it sharpened the attendees storytelling skill set. It was a fun three hours appreciated by everyone who attended. If you missed it this time drop us an email and we will keep you posted the next time we schedule it.



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