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Goodnights Comedy Club

Winter Classes (Session 1)
Intro and Intermediate Shortform Classes
plus special Longform Harold and Musical Classes

(Our classes will keep you warm)

Change your life with some improv training. The place to begin is our Intro-to-Improv class which is our entry level (and mandatory) class for both the short- and longform programs. The next class in the program would then be an intermediate short- or our longform intensive class followed by an advanced short- or longform class. Te next session we are offering an two Intro-to-Improv and one Intermediate Shortform class .

  1. Intro-to-Improv- This class provides the basic skills necessary for short- or longform improv: you will learn exercises to build energy, establish focus,and get everyone in the group on the same page. There are six classes consisting of one day a week for six consecutive weeks. We will be offering two classes beginning in January 2017.
    Instructors: Michelle Corbitt (Wednesdays) &  
      Jessi Nemeth (Saturdays)  
    Class begins: Wed., Jan. 18, 2017 (7 to 10 p.m) Register Now
    Class begins: Sat., Jan 21, 2017(Noon to 3 p.m.) Register Now
    Prerequisites: None
    More information on Intro-to-Improv

  2. Intermediate Shortform - The Intermediate Shortform class is for those students that have learned the basics of improv and are ready to put them into action. The goal of this course is to introduce the students to the nature of shortform improv, learn the structure of a show, why we do the things we do, and most importantly how to turn on the charm when on stage. You will learn improv "games" typically included in a ComedyWorx(TM) show. All this leads to an end-of-course performance in front of family and friends. We are offering one class: beginning Tuesday January 17th (7 to 10 p.m.) There are six classes consisting of one day a week for 6 consecutive weeks.
    Instructor: Lora Hawley (Tuesdays)  
    Class begins: Tue., Jan. 17, 2017 (7 to 10 p.m} Register Now
    Prerequisites: Intro-to-Improv
    More information on Intermediate Shortform

  3. Advanced Shortform- This class provides the advanced skills necessary for participating in shortform improv performances. You will learn games and specific elements of the ComedyWorx(TM). This class includes two opportunites to perform in shows at the Worx.This class is scheduled privately in collaboration with Intermediate Shortform graduates.
    More information on Advanced Shortform

  4. Longform Musical (Fee: $250) - Ever feel like busting out into song on stage? Whether going a cappella or along with the ivory keys, this class will teach you how to marry your improv with song. Learn the nuisances of musical theatre, how to transition from scene to song, what makes a good solo, and how to work with your scene partners to create layered tunes that will be sure to delight your audience. Find the confidence to let your character's soul sing.
    We are offering one class: beginning Tuesday January 17th (7 to 10 p.m.) There are six classes consisting of one day a week for 6 consecutive weeks.
      Week 1 - Vocal Confidence
    Week 2 - Song Construction
    Week 3 - Using Scenework and Characters For Song Creation
    Week 4 - Musical Miracles Made Easy
    Week 5 - Stage Picture
    Week 6 - Musical Longform Show Openings and Run-Through
    Instructors: Brian Thacker, Molly Knott, & Brandie Wagers
    Class begins: Tues., Jan. 17, 2017 (7 to 10 p.m} Register Now
    Prerequisites: Longform INTENSIVE & Longform Advanced

  5. Longform HAROLD Intensive(Fee: $250) - Developed by Del Close, the Harold is one of the most recognizable forms in improv, coveted and mastered by those (Tina Fey, Chris Farely, Amy Pohler) at theaters such as iO Theatre and The Upright Citizens Brigade. You will generate ideas, establish themes, and create a whole world based a single suggestion. Learn how to identify and build upon unseen connections and wow your audience. Come with drive, eagerness, and work ethic and you will leave with the tools to master the structure and finesse required to successfully execute a Harold.
    We are offering one series: beginning Wednesday January 18th
    (7 to 10 p.m.) There are six classes consisting of one day a week for
    6 consecutive weeks.
      Week 1 - What is a Harold? Connect, Listen, Trust.
    Week 2 - First Beats: Two Person Scenes that Matter
    Week 3 - Group Games
    Week 4 - Second Beats
    Week 5 - Third Beats
    Week 6 - Review and Harold Experimentation
    Instructor: Vinny Valdivia  
    Class begins: Wed., Jan. 18, 2017 (7 to 10 p.m} Register Now
    Prerequisites: Longform INTENSIVE & Longform Advanced

  6. Longform - INTENSIVE(Fee: $200) - This class focuses on scenework skills in a longform show. It will prepare you directly for the advanced longform class (which conclude with actual performances with a coach in front of a paid audience). In eight weeks Ashley and Philip will provide specific, individualized training to help you better listen to offers, react, use physicality, and engage emotionally with a strong point of view. The class will cover:

    Week 1 Agreement & Patterns
    Week 2 Two Person Scenes: Playing it Real and
    Playing it Crazy
    Week 3 Group Mind
    Week 4 Characters and Emotion
    Week 5 Physicality and Scene Reality
    Week 6 Group Games
    Week 7 Armando Practice and Putting it All Together
    Week 8 Show Preparation

    At the end of the eight weeks, students will be put into teams and will perform a student show at an Improv Mixer.
    Instructors: Philip Boyne & Ashley Myers
    (team instructors)
    (Sundays 6 to 9 p.m.)

    Class begins: Not currently scheduled (Keep checking the site)

    Prerequisites: Intro-to-Improv
    More information on Longform INTENSIVE

  7. Longform - ADVANCED(Fee: $200) - Students in the Advanced Longform class will develop more techniques to sharpen their scenework skills, explore six different longform openings, and learn the basics of four longform formats - the La Ronde, Thread, Sliding Doors, and The Harold. The class will cover:
    Week 1: Learning to say "No"/ Scene paint/Character paint/ The Thread
    Week 2: Playing with status/"Losing to win"/Duologues/La Ronde
    Week 3: Straight man-comedic foil/Monologs & Rants/ Thread
    Week 4: Mapping scenes/ Organic/ Sliding Doors
    Week 5: Using silence and breaking the stage/Organic/Sliding Doors
    Week 6: Game of the Scene & Making It Worse /The Invocation/Sliding Doors
    Week 7: Performance preparation
    Week 8: Performance preparation

    Student teams will be formed for the performance class from the graduates of the Advanced class.
    Instructor: Brian Dukes
    (Sundays 6 to 9 p.m.)

    Class begins: Not currently scheduled (Check site in February)

    Prerequisites: Longform INTENSIVE

  8. Longform - PERFORMANCE (FREE) - This class consists of four performance opportunities in our regularly scheduled longform shows (e.g., The Yes Yard(TM) or The Mixer). The student teams from the intensive class with have four performance opportunities which will be scheduled over 4 consecutive months. Practice with a coach prior to the performances will be arranged by the Worx.
    Coach(es): TBD
    Class limited to Longform ADVANCED Graduates Only
    More Information on Longform ADVANCED

Space is limited for these classes, so please sign up soon. You can contact us at: comedyworx@gmail.com for more information or simply Register Now.


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